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The Other Island Has Been Added To Book Club Reading List

Apr 24               Category: Books

/ / April 24, 2013 — Book Club Reading List today announced that The Other Island has enrolled in its growing database of tomes from which book clubs can schedule the author to attend their meetings. Every quarter, Book Club Reading List sends a newsletter to book clubs around the country notifying them of authors that have joined their program. The Other Island offers book clubs a multicultural view of American life.

Mr. Martinez-Tolentino has made himself available by Skype to attend book club gatherings and discuss his novel, The Other Island. To read more about his book or learn how to plan a time with Mr. Martinez-Tolentino, please visit his book’s page on Book Club Reading List –

About The Other Island

Little Jaime had the odds stacked against him when he arrived in New York City in 1951: he was crippled due to polio, in his family no one had ever gone to college, and because of their poverty, they would continue living in the city’s slums. And yet, Jaime went on to college, to graduate school, to the universities of Paris, Madrid, Purdue, Massachusetts, to two Ph. D’s,  and to a long career as a college professor, both in Puerto Rico and in the USA. He also went on to became the published author of 12 books, the editor of 5 others, and published in journals from Puerto Rico, the USA, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia. This is an American success story, narrated by a professional writer.

FLASH!!!        FLASH!!!          FLASH!!!           FLASH!!!            FLASH!!!


Author MARIE LAVENDER has published another book review of my book The Other Island!!  Here is a link to that review:



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